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2009-05-27 19:27:16 by lvl5drummer

okay got a challenge. find instruments that you would never think would go together and tell me. I'll try to write a song with them. Also PM me if you need any music


2009-05-27 16:26:34 by lvl5drummer

I actually made it onto the top 50. Granted i'm 19 and 50 but thats really good for someone like me. This is really great i thank you guys who voted me up there. Check out my new song "Aery." My friends Dylan and Nate really liked it when i played it for them in computer lab today... but whatever, thanks!


2009-05-26 17:03:23 by lvl5drummer

Working on a new song. Piano Violin Cello and Drum Set. SO far i think it sounds good. I was also asked to collaborate with RedHatCore. So i guess that means i'm moving up. lol. but hey whatever. e

New song?

2009-05-22 16:20:53 by lvl5drummer

Well writing yet another song. This time actual ensemble not just piano. So you know have something interesting to listen to. I don't have a name. If you think of something hit me up here.

new songs?

2009-05-20 21:37:00 by lvl5drummer

I swear this is like my twentieth time listening to my new song. like i haven't posted it yet. i don't have whatever27's email so i can't ask him what he thinks of it. You guys can't hear it till he hears it. So i'm actually learning about chords and it's really fun. i actually like them! now i just need melody ideas. oh and Whatever27, should i add drums to it? answer once you hear it


new song

2009-05-17 10:24:58 by lvl5drummer

writing a new song for the passing of my language arts teacher. and if anyone has a finale- midi conversion software please tell me. i'd like to get them up and have them as mp3s


2009-04-27 12:28:08 by lvl5drummer

hey well my first three songs are up. I prefer my latest two, "Sadness and Joy" and "Ice Tea and summer Daze" more than my other song. I have just started actually writing stuff. SO tell me what you think. And yes, this is a BCR so you have to explain your answer. Lol. And if you zero- bomb it, please tell me why.